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Vimage is a photo-editing app that lets you add dynamic effects to any still image. All you have to do is select the photo you want to use as a base, then choose one of the more than 20 available effects.

Using Vimage is incredibly easy. After you select the photo you want to modify, you can use a wide range of simple tools to adjust its brightness, saturation, and contrast. Once you're done with that, you can add one of the app's dynamic effects, which include smoke, clouds, fire, water, birds, and much more. Once you've chosen the effect you want, you can also manually adjust it by changing the size and opacity until you find the perfect fit.

Vimage is a photo-editing app you can use to make amazing photos with movement. Once you're done, you can share them directly to Instagram or save them to your smartphone's memory. If you want to erase the watermark, however, you have to buy the app.
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Convert your photos into impressive moving images with vimage

We're fully aware of the enormous number of photo editing apps that exist on Android. That's why we always try to highlight ones that offer different features than we're used to seeing, like PORTRA, or regularly updated pacesetters, like Fotor Photo Effect Studio. Today, we're here to talk about vimage, an app that stands out in the Android catalog for turning your static photos into moving images, photos with just a subtle bit of movement. 
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Requires Android 4.3 or higher